Computer Systems Conversion Information

On Monday, October 3, at 7:30 a.m. Monmouth members can reregister for online banking using their new Great Falls account number. Don't know your new account number? Please see below.

How do I find my new account number?

All account numbers will now be an 8-digit number beginning with 1 and adding zeros to create a total of 8 digits.
For example:

#14368 becomes #10014368;

#9008212 becomes #19008212

#718 becomes #10000718.

Members will have to enter in their new account number, the primary account holders SSN, and the primary's date of birth to register for online banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Checking Account numbers or checks change?

You may continue to use your Monmouth FCU checks. Your checks will be updated with our name and logo on your next reorder.

Will payroll deductions, automatic payments or scheduled transfers continue as scheduled?

You should see no change in your payroll deductions, automatic payments, or scheduled transfers. Everything should still come into the same accounts and distribute to the accounts requested.

Will direct deposits and automatic withdrawals continue as scheduled?

Your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals will continue to post to your account just as they do today. Starting October 3, 2022, if you set up any new direct deposits or automatic withdrawals, please use your new routing and transit number of 211287256 and either your updated Member Number (see above) for Savings transactions or your existing Checking Account Number for checking transactions.

Will I be able to see Online Banking transaction history after the systems conversion?

Transaction history before Monday, October 3 will migrate to the converted system. Once you re-enroll in online banking, your transaction history will be viewable as it is today.

Will I need to download a new Mobile App after the systems conversion?

Yes, it will be necessary to download the Great Falls FCU mobile app.