Visa Debit Cards


Accepted like credit cards but the money comes from your checking account.

  • Visa Debit Card surcharge free withdrawals from Surf Alliance ATM’s (CU24 Symbol)
    Find the the nearest Surf Alliance ATM.
  • Unlimited POS (Point of Sale) purchases
  • Convenient for cash at ATM
  • Use your Visa Debit Card at over 70,000 ATM terminals with the PLUS or NYCE logos

Hassle-free shopping
With our Visa Debit Card, you can enjoy hassle-free shopping. A quick “swipe” of our Visa debit card instead of standing at the checkout waiting for check verification!

More convenient than checks
Use your Visa Debit Card everywhere Visa is accepted, and your checking account will automatically be debited.

More than an ATM card
Visa debit card combines the power of a credit card and your checkbook. Use your card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted without a credit limit and without interest.

The merchant’s name, city, date, and the amount you paid are always listed.

Debit Card Fees

4 FREE Transfers/Inquiries$1 fee thereafter
6 FREE ATM Withdrawals$1 fee thereafter
Replacement frees for lost or stolen card$20
Name Change$10
Replacement PIN$3

For more information call us at 207-782-7192 or email at

VISA Debit Card Protection

Great Falls Federal Credit Union recommends Verified by VISA to enhance your security for purchases made online. If you make an online purchase with a vendor who participates in the Verified by VISA program, you will be prompted to enroll your CU24 VISA Debit Card in the program and identify a password. Once you have selected a password, you will need to use it for any future purchases made from merchants who participate in the program.

3 quick steps when you’re shopping online:

  • Next time you shop online at a participating Verified by Visa store, you’ll be prompted by a “Protect Your Visa Card” screen, and you’ll see the Verified by Visa logo
  • Enter your account details. It will only take a couple of minutes.
  • Create a secure password and submit. You’re done, and can continue with your order.

Why wait until your next online purchase?

verified by visa logo

Activate this security feature now, just click on the Verified by VISA logo.

If you have any questions please call us at the Credit Union: 207-782-7192.
Or go to the Verified by VISA website and click on “How it works” for more info and a demo will also be available.
Participating stores are listed at