Accepting Bids for a 2019 Arctic Cat Snowmobile

Published by Irene Thibodeau on

We are auctioning a 2019 ARCTIC CAT ALPHA 8000 with 1561 miles. The snowmobile books for an average retail rate of $9,240. Members and non-members can submit bids using the online form below or in-person. Please email us at info@greatfallsfcu.com, call us at 207-753-0500 if you are interested in submitting a bid for the snowmobile and would like more information.

2019 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Bid

The average retail value for a 2019 Artic Cat Alpha 8000 with 1561 miles is $9,240.

Great Falls Regional Credit Union reserves the right to reject any all and bids. No final bid date.